What We Do

Compelling investment opportunities are a combination of talent, business model and strategy. We invest in and create businesses that matter and where we can actually make a difference.

What We Look For

We research, find, invest, create, and support world-class companies — and the people that lead them. Our model hinges on flexibility, but there are a few things that all of our companies have in common:

Exceptional Ideas

Our companies are all doing something new, unique, or different in their industry. We are building a portfolio of game changing companies, not also-rans. We want to build and grow products or services that matter to customers now and down the line.

Outstanding Leadership

At the end of the day, we are in the people business. Leadership, talent and relationships are paramount to success. We work with founders and leaders who think big, have high standards and challenge the status quo.

Track record of growth

Our companies — young or old — are all on an upward trajectory. If it needs to be supported, strengthened, and super-charged for growth, count us in.

Positive earnings

We invest in companies that are cash flow positive, and avoid opportunities that are pre-revenue or require funding losses. 

Charting a new course

Strong and steady company performance is almost always driven by meaningful and lasting differentiation. In constantly and rapidly changing markets, this is easier said than done. We help our companies distance themselves from the pack and stay there.

Sector Opportunistic

We have a long history of investing in financial services, healthcare, technology, education, and a range of business and consumer services. We only target opportunities where we can make a difference.


  1. Early Stage ?
  2. Growth Equity ?
  3. Buyout ?

We aren’t seed investors, but we know that some of the best companies out there are just getting started.

Our capital is both patient and flexible. We have taken minority stakes to support leaders of rapidly growing companies.

Our team has partnered with companies from $25M of revenue to over a billion. We are currently focused on growth companies with $5M – $20M of EBITDA.

How We Help

We’ve drawn from our experience buying and building over 100 companies to create a tailored solution for supporting our portfolio. We bring a world-class network of talent to the table. From innovators and board members, to domain experts and operators, they are part of our circle.