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HiTech Assets runs all operations on renewable energy

We’ve had four exciting months working with the HiTech team since Caretta’s partnership with the company began in April. Throughout the process, we’ve been impressed with their commitment to environmental leadership and sustainable operational practices. Last month, the company announced that going forward, they will run all operations on renewable energy.

HiTech Assets has always reused or recycled 100% of their electronics and maintains a strict zero-landfill policy.

First, the team seeks to reuse IT equipment, as the most sustainable option. Of the remaining unusable computer equipment, zero percent ends up in landfills and is only further processed to commodity grade by approved and trusted recycling organizations within North America – NEVER exported to developing countries. Before settling on a scrap vendor, HiTech rigorously conducts research and generates reports to guarantee that scrap from client companies never ends up in a landfill or causes environmental harm.

The HiTech leadership team prioritizes environmental protection.

HiTech leadership participates in active board positions, consults with government leaders on regulations, and speaks nationally on best practices. Here are a few of the roles HiTech’s leadership has held:

  • Chair R2 Technical Advisory Committee
  • Chair RIOS Board
  • Chair ISRI Legislative Committee
  • Director, ISRI Board
  • Consulting with EPA, GSA, USITC, Congress, and the White House
  • Speaking at ISRI, IAITAM, E-Scrap, ICRS, IQPC, Gartner, IDC, ACM, EHSICC, and many others

HiTech’s environmental stewardship in the industry is matched by their expertise in securely wiping reused and retired IT assets

To ensure that absolutely all data is wiped, HiTech uses a Department of Defense level 5220.22M wiping and National Institute of Science and Technology 800-88 compliant processes. The Company conducts internal audits and sends out random drives to a leading independent data forensics firm for external audit with a 100% success rate. Adding an additional layer of protection, all data security technicians are certified through background checks and additional screenings. Rest assured, HiTech takes every step to ensure that any IT equipment being reused is securely wiped of ALL data.

We are incredibly proud of HiTech’s announcement last month to operate entirely on 100% renewable energy and even more so of their leadership’s commitment to highly sustainable and secure IT recycling.

We admire their commitment and focus to providing a cyber-secure, environmentally responsible and regulatory-compliant solution to the growing stream of electronic waste in our country. This is exactly the type of company that we set out to invest in when we created Caretta - a company that truly matters.

About HiTech

HiTech is one of the largest independent Information Technology Asset Disposition (“ITAD”) companies in the United States. In recent years, corporate, state and federal requirements for secure data destruction, sustainable technology recycling and the responsible re-distribution of IT equipment have become increasingly critical and strategic for many businesses. HiTech’s industry-leading solutions deliver enterprise class data destruction and sustainable technology asset disposition services that feature 100% asset reconciliation, industry leading compliance and certifications, and responsible zero waste disposition of all technology assets. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Oklahoma City, the Company is a trusted partner of large North American enterprises across multiple industries, including many Fortune 500 companies. For more information, please visit us at