Blog Post:

Caretta Launches in Chicago

We’re pleased to announce the official kick-off of Caretta. With our first post, allow us to share a brief overview of who we are and what we’ve set out do:

Our Name

“Caretta” is the Latin name for the loggerhead sea turtle, which has an inner navigation system that allows it to return to the location where it first began, even after many years and having traveled many thousands of miles. Having enjoyed more than thirty years helping build Sterling Partners, I too am going back to my roots. Caretta will focus on supporting the growth of differentiated small to medium-sized businesses with patient, flexible capital—which is how I began my career. We’re building on proven investment practices, but our model is designed to be simple and straightforward.

Our Focus

Our goal is to provide capital, resources and entrepreneurial energy to businesses that matter—companies that are creating lasting value and building products or services that make a difference to customers. We will invest our own capital and partner with select permanent capital sources as we build our portfolio. Our model allows us to be both nimble and selective. We are opportunistic and will pursue a range of sectors, but will leverage our experience in education, healthcare and business and consumer services to generate ideas and investment theses.

Our Team

Today, our team is small, but we are committed to building and supporting a tremendous portfolio of growing, innovative businesses.

Ryan was previously an investment professional at Sterling Partners and will leverage his investment and portfolio experience to identify and support new opportunities for Caretta.

Oliver brings his background in marketing, design, and technology to add another perspective in opportunity origination, business development and portfolio support.

We look forward to finding ways to work with you, hopefully in the near future! If you have an investment opportunity that aligns with what we do, we’d love to hear more. If you have something fun or interesting you think we should know about, we’re up for that too.